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 Super Green Formula

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The Ultimate
Super Green Formula

The original organic super green formula is made with nutrient-dense, health- boosting whole foods. Optimal daily nutritional support for children and adults (and pets).

Known as the ultimate super green formula, it is formulated with certified organic herbs, vegetables and fruits. This is the original "superfood green formula" made with organic ingredients, providing unsurpassed quality and vibrant life energy.

Every bottle of super green formula has 60 plus exceptional ingredients at their peak of nutritional value ~ filled with thousands of highly beneficial phytonutrients and bursting with vitality.

Unlike most nutritional products, this green drink formula does not contain any fillers or artificial chemicals, preservatives or sweeteners. Nor is it made with any ingredients that have been irradiated or fumigated, that have unsafe levels of pesticide or herbicide residues or that contain any pathogenic bacteria.

Genetically engineered materials are completely avoided.

From using superior ingredients to building their own state-of-the-art production facility, Synergy Company spares no effort in producing exceptional nutritional products at incomparable prices. Purchased individually, the ingredients in Pure Synergy's super green formula (in quantities equal to those contained in a large bottle), would cost you more than $180.00!

* Organic
+ Made with organic ingredients

Buy 2 or more bottles of Super Green Formula: $49.90 ea.

Buy One $54.95

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Pure Synergy Ultimate
Super Green Formula
Green Drink Powder

Pure Synergy Super Green Formula

Price: $54.95
Buy 2 or more bottles: $49.90 ea.
(Get FREE SHIPPING when you buy 6 or more Synergy products.)
Lowest prices for Pure Synergy Green Drink
superfood powder from Essential for Health.

Buy One $54.95

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